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Challenges and Creativity for the Future


We will contribute to the world by fully understanding reason and characteristics of materials and create something new. This is an ultimate goal and strong resolve of Toray Advanced Materials Korea, Research Centers and researchers.

Research Centers need cooperative agility that can flexibly respond to industrial changes, and creative intuition and challenging spirit to think and act are also required. Our R&D sector will create research institutes that can respond to industry and customer changes by growing internal capabilities and being armed with various knowledge for science and technological advancement.

We will find values with future-oriented perspectives and be a genuine leader in the field of materials R&D.

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  • Open Innovation Driven!
  • Growh through Science and Technology!
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Toray Advanced Materials Korea’s R&D sector grows together with customers by supporting them in real-time, and we will do our best for customer-oriented R&D to step towards common goals. To this end, we will actively utilize technological network with Toray Group and other groups with creative and challenging spirit. We will also work to provide high quality services by maximizing internal capabilities and securing core technologies.
Our research institutes take on challenges toward our dream of becoming a global leader in the development of new materials. We also have obtained R&D capabilities by establishing an Advanced Materials Research Center to respond to technological changes and expand global research, and make utmost efforts to enhance competitiveness through the network with SMEs and workforce nurturing.

Our belief of ‘Good materials can create a better world’ stems from our passion towards materials. Our challenging and creative spirit is fully reflected in various materials from basic materials to high value materials. Our vision is to be continuously innovative in creating new values with new materials.

Under the slogan the ‘Future of Materials”, we will continue to be innovative in order to increase R&D investment, develop next generation source technologies, and secure core technologies of advanced materials. In addition, we will make inroads into new business through not only our own technologies but also strategic M&A and partnership, and create synergy effects by actively utilizing external capabilities and resources. Through such efforts, we will expand the scope of research to next-generation multi-functional films, fuel cell, solar cell materials, nano materials, bio materials, etc.

Technology Research Center
History of Technology Research Center
Establishment of Patent Team and Patent Responsibilities.
Apply Patent Management System
Apply Technical Report System to Manage Research Know-how
Apply Compliance Program to R&D Projects
  • Apr
    Expanding AMRC(Korea Univ. → Sang-am DMC)
  • Jun
    Designated as Special Military Service Company(AMRC)
  • Oct
    Establish Toray Polymer Prize with the Polymer Society
Introduction of Research Specialized Job
Completion Ceremony of Technology Research Center
Selected as Project Company for BK-21(Brain Korea 21)(Gyeongbuk National University)
  • Jun
    Acquire Authorization for Materials Specialized Company(Ministry of Knowledge and Economy)
  • Jul
    Introduction of Web R&D and Management System
  • May
    First Selected as Supporter for National Project
  • Dec
    Sign MOU for DGIST New Technology Transfer
Selected as Project Company for BK-21(Brain Korea 21)(POSTECH)
  • Sep
    Establish Advanced Materials Research Center(AMRC)
  • Nov
    Designated as Special Military Service Company(Research Center)
Start Patent Conference by Sectors
Foundation of Technology Research Center