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Through development of
super fiber answering to
the needs of customers,
we lead the industry
into the future
Meta aramid fiber ARAWIN is super fiber having excellent physical and chemical properties, exceptional thermal resistance, tensile strength and electrical insulation. ARAWIN especially has exceptional electrical insulation and uniformly stable quality of products produced through dry spinning process. It has wide applications including heat-resistant dust collector filter bag, industrial filter, protective clothing and fire fighting garment for its unique heat resistant property and its form stability is suitable for heat-resistant automotive protective materials and sound system. Furthermore we will explore new applications of ARAWIN and develop new customized products through collaboration with customers, so we can take the lead in the meta aramid fiber industry.


  • Electrical insulation

    Electrical insulation

  • Safe for human body

    Safe for human body

  • Thermal (heat) resistance

    Thermal (heat) resistance

  • Flame resistance

    Flame resistance


For protective clothing
Fire fighting uniform, workwear and heat resistant gloves
For nonwoven fabric
Industrial application
Back filter, automotive heat resistant materials, printer, bearing and heat resistant hose
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