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Global top products through
integrated production system
from production, processing
and sales of polyester film

We have over 40 years of experience in the film industry, excellent quality products and technology with the highest level of production capacity in Korea. Our integrated production system covers PET polymerization, base film, advanced processing and research for the sole purpose of fulfilling the needs of customers in the entire product lifecycle from production to processing, retail and sales. Moreover we undertake joint research project with Toray Japan’s R&D Center, Film Research Center and 10 other affiliated labs as part of our efforts to obtain the world’s top technological prowess. Through network of Toray Global and continued R&D, we strive to open up a new market and grow into a global leader worthy of its name in the field of optical display, industrial and mobile applications. In the field of metalized (coated) film, we provide the best quality functional products having high barrier property, adhesion, gloss, quenching properties and workability using advanced defect free and coating thickness control technologies. In addition to aluminum coating, we provide products coated with different types of metals including gold, silver and chromium. These products are widely used for food, retort pouch and other packaging, decoration, label, plate making, gold and silver applications, electronic parts, tape and display.


  1. Transparency
  2. Electrical resistance
  3. Tensile strength
  4. Thermal (heat) resistance
  1. Optical display

    Polarizer, mobile, prism and hard coating

  2. Industrial application

    Release film, tape and white tape

  3. Electronic device

    Condenser, MLCC, coating, insulation and FPCB

  4. Graphic

    Window, laminex, PPC and label

  5. Packaging

    Food, medicine and general purposes

  6. Decoration

    Home appliance, furniture and interior purposes

  7. Barcode