Sustainability management
We aim to ensure harmony and cooperation,
and become a clean and trusted company.

Safety and environment management

We promise a transparent and clean future
by eliminating disasters today and through
environment-centric management.

Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc was designated as the first eco-friendly company in the industry due to continuous investments in safety and environment. 
The upper management directly participates in the Safety and Environment Committee to implement good systems, and we acquired the safety and health management system(ISO 45001) and ​environment management system(ISO 14001)​ certification by actively investing in various preventive activities. Furthermore, we are engaged in low-carbon activities and continuously practicing them to implement the energy management system.

Safety and
Environment Committee

According to the management policy that places top priority on safety, we hold the Safety and Environment Committee which the upper management participates in every month, check activities related to safety and environment, and actively invest in safety and environment through quick decision-making. Also, the CEOs of Toray Korea affiliates conduct joint safety inspections, and every year, CEOs and executives of production divisions participate in the safety summit for spreading a culture of safety.

  1. CEO Safety audit of Toray Korea

    CEO Safety audit of Toray Korea

  2. Safety summit of Toray Korea

    Safety summit of Toray Korea

Safety and health policy

Create a safe and pleasant, accident-free company by perceiving safety and health activities as key elements of company management, and through continuous improvement and prevention activities.

  • 1To evaluate hazards and risks, establish safety and health goals, and continuously remove and improve risks
  • 2To thoroughly comply with laws related to safety and health and what we promised to comply with
  • 3To prevent and minimize industrial accidents and occupational diseases
  • 4To promote health and create a pleasant and safe working environment for maintaining a healthy life
  • 5To make efforts for joint development with stakeholders and implement an autonomous safety and health system

Environmental policy

Preserve the environment of the Earth and minimize environmental issues related to all stakeholders

  • 1To continuously improve the environment and minimize environmental impacts through the Environment Management System (EMS)
  • 2To prevent environmental pollution by establishing a clean production system and strictly complying with internal management standards
  • 3To invigorate communication with internal and external stakeholders about environment management
  • 4To actively participate in solving and responding to climate change issues