Creating a better
future through innovative R&D

R&D Center

We create new value with the belief that good materials can make the world a better place

Through development of new materials that can greatly contribute to the world, we work toward becoming a true global leader. While actively coping with technical revolution, we expand investment for more efficient R&D. We have local research bases dedicated for specific purposes (Film Material Research Center, Fiber Material Research Center and Advanced Material Research Center) to strengthen our research research capability and boost competitiveness through partnership with related institutions and user network.

R&D Mission

Strengthening the
competitiveness of business
Process and quality improvement of film, spunbond nonwovens, composite materials and other products and business expansion through product diversification are part of our continued innovation efforts to strengthen our position as a market leader.
Development of
future growth engine
In line with our Vision 2030, we strive to find long-term growth engine and strengthen research capability for our future growth.
open innovation
Through collaboration with Toray Group and strong relationship with related institutes in Korea and users, we will generate substantial synergy in R&D.

Organizational structure

CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Research Support Team, Film Materials ReseMarch Center, Fiber Material Research Center, Advanced Materials ReseMarch Center

About R&D Center

Film Materials ReseMarch Center

Base Film
We develop and provide a wide range of the best quality functional products - ultra fine film, thick film and other films of different thicknesses through process technology and in-line coating. Clear and defect-free LCD BLU compatible with other films, and materials for OLED display and next-generation display are currently under development.
IT Materials
We have the most advanced sputtering, metalizing, surface treatment, coating and lamination technologies. And these high technologies are used to make a great variety of products including members for display and semiconductor, films for process and pressure sensitive adhesive for electronic applications.

Fiber Material Research Center

High Molecular / Filter Materials
We study development of new high molecular materials in the advanced display application and next-generation energy parts and materials, and process technology thereof.
Including the first development of RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane in Korea, we are developing anti-fouling RO membrane, RO membrane for seawater desalination, micro filter and filtration technology for water treatment.

Advanced Materials ReseMarch Center

Development of foundation / prior technology
It is the research center dedicated for long-term research and development of next-generation technology, member and material in the fields of display, semiconductor, automotive, energy and environment. In collaboration with Film Material Research Center and Fiber Material Research Center, we take research into a next level for the purpose of commercial application after prior R&D.