A partner in innovation realizing a new tomorrow using the very best materials, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc.

Management philosophy

We contribute to society
with creative management.

‘Creative management’ refers to management in which creativity and individuality are respected and differentiated, and fresh values are realized with regard to the internal and external values of the company that can positively and actively contribute to future society, products, technology and talent. Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. will become a company that will make continued efforts to realize a future that society and mankind dream of with such creative management.

Basic policy for management

  1. For customers
  2. For employees
  3. For shareholders
  4. For society
For customers

For customers

Creating new values, and quality products and services

The basic principle of the business activities, conducted by Toray Advanced Materials, is ‘Pursuit of customers’ happy life.’ We will contribute to improving the quality of life of customers and promoting public interests by providing useful products and services. To this end, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. will secure new core technologies and world-class competitiveness in the hardware, software and humanware of the company using the spirit of challenge and innovative thought. Also, we will leverage Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc.’ own products and services to align with customers’ interests and values.

For employees

Open opportunities, fair evaluation and compensation

The first step in management that places value on people is to realize a climate and culture in which all members pursue the dream of self-realization and take an active part in management. Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. provides all employees with an opportunity to proactively realize their ideals and dreams with a sense of ownership. We fairly evaluate what is achieved with effort and passion and provide reasonable compensation. Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. pursues a community in which individuals and the company can grow together with enterprising and challenging thoughts and actions, and product rewarding results.

For employees
For shareholders

For shareholders

Fostering a valuable company and management repaying trust

The rights and trust with regard to business activities were entrusted to all employees of Toray Advanced Materials Korea shareholders. We are well aware that increasing the growth potential and profitability of the company through faithful management activities is the best way to repay the trust of shareholders who entrusted management to us. Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. will continuously create profits and repay the trust of shareholders by providing customers with inexpensive and quality products and services, and finding various customer needs and reflecting them in products.

For society

The responsibility as a member and the relationship of co-existence and mutual prosperity

Corporations cannot exist apart from society. Our society grows through the development of enterprises, and the growth of society provides a driving force for these enterprises. It is a relationship of mutual existence and prosperity. Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. will contribute to society by participating in various activities of the local community together with members of society and supporting such activities. We will fulfill our responsibilities and obligations as a corporate citizen by producing sound economic results, and thinking about and actively participating in important social issues like the environment, safety and corporate culture.

For society