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The world’s top level quality
spunbond nonwovens
developed with the most
advanced technology

Starting as the first spunbond nonwoven provider in Korea, we have grown into the top in the Asian market in terms of business size and competitiveness. We were the first to supply SMS, SMMS and composite fiber spunbond in Asia and open up a new nonwoven fabric market, and built cooperation system for interaction and information exchange with customers. High quality spunbond nonwoven LIVSEN, structured into advanced material that’s light, soft and eco-friendly is used for sanitation materials, medical, industrial and agricultural applications. We, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. have been working with Toray Japan for global expansion. In 2006, we built Toray Polytech Nantong and with the largest single plant in Asia, we supply the product to the Chinese and Asian markets. In 2011, we opened Toray Polytech Jakarta (TPJ) in Indonesia and starting in 2013, have supplied high quality nonwoven fabrics to Indonesia and neighboring countries. Combining our product development capability and experience with the advanced technology of Toray Japan, we have gained top-level competitiveness and world-class service. We have built strong strategic partnership with key players in the Korean and global markets for new product development. We, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc., will keep pushing ahead with our global expansion plan and purposefully making investment into development of new material and technology to achieve our goal of becoming the world’s best spunbond provider.


  1. Tensile strength
  2. Tearing strength
  3. Excellent processability
  4. Chemical resistance
  5. Thermal (heat) resistance
  1. For sanitation materials

    Diaper for baby and adult, sanitary pad, sanitary materials packaging, wet wipe and fabric softener (sheet)

  2. Industrial materials

    Automotive interior materials, industrial mask, disposable workwear, shoe inner fabric, sound absorbing materials for construction, insulation materials, waterproof materials, filter, oil absorbent and wiper

  3. Household materials

    Clothing cover, shopping bag, bed quilting, pocket spring, all kinds of furniture and cloth for oriental medicine Padding cover, mask, pillow cover, headrest cover and dust bag for vacuum cleaner

  4. Medical application

    Lab coat, drape, sterilization cloth, mask, cap and bed cover

  5. Agricultural application

    House curtain, seed bed, tunnel, lagging cover, weed control materials, quilting and cloth for drying red peppers

  6. Construction