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We sets the standard of water treatment filter
Our total filter solution shapes up the future

In 1994, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. successfully developed RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane for the first time in Korea. It led to successful production of RO products widely used for ultrafine water processing, waste water reclamation, industrial water and sea water desalination and our growth into a total filter maker offering a full range of products from RO to NF, UF and MBR. Our original CSM filter has also achieved international recognition and particularly FRM (antifouling membrane) is being recognized as the best quality product in the field of waste water reclamation. And apart from them, we make high quality functional products including products for low pressure application, ultrapure water processing and sea water desalination.


  1. Exceptional removal efficiency
  2. A wide range of products
  3. Antifouling
  4. Durability
  1. Industrial application

    Salt water, low pressure, antifouling, sea water desalination, ultrapure water filtration, dairy farming and waste water treatment

  2. Home use

    Water purifier filter