Sustainability management
We aim to ensure harmony and cooperation,
and become a clean and trusted company.


We conduct various CSR activities
for a warm world
in which people live together with others.

With a sense of responsibility as a corporate citizen, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. is conducting a wide variety of CSR activities. All employees are actively participating in various activities for development of society, e.g. legal and ethical compliance, various sponsorship activities and support for the underprivileged, and doing their best to play the role of the company as a member of society.

CSR activities

  1. A non-profit foundation, Korea Toray Science Foundation
    A non-profit foundation, Korea Toray Science Foundation
    Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. and the affiliates of Korea Toray Group established Korea Toray Science Foundation to contribute to the development of science and technology in Korea. Through the foundation, we are conducting various support activities, e.g. selecting and awarding outstanding scientists, providing research funds for creative and challenging projects and delivering scholarships to excellent natural sciences and engineering college students.
  2. Outreaching together
    Outreaching together
    We are helping the needy by volunteering at facilities for the disabled, nursing homes, orphanages and welfare facilities. We are helping neighbors in need, e.g. delivering of meals to senior citizens with no one to rely on, supporting orphanages, volunteering at nursing homes, helping patients bathe at hospitals and supporting single mothers.
  3. Blood donation
    Blood donation
    Blood donation saves lives. Every summer and winter when blood is in short supply, we are actively holding a blood drive, and donating blood donor cards, collected by employees, to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation. To encourage blood donation, everyone at Toray Group Korea is participating in the drive.
  4. Environmental protection and preservation
    Environmental protection and preservation
    We are realizing the corporate values of Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. ‘company emphasizing environment and safety (eCology & Safety),’ in the local community. We are sharing our know-how of environment & safety and green management with partners, and planting trees around the premises and cleaning mountains and rivers by designating 1-company 1-park, and 1-company 1-river, to preserve the environment of the local community.
  5. Academic sponsorship
    Academic sponsorship
    For the development of Korean polymer science, we cooperated with the Polymer Society of Korea to establish the ‘Toray Polymer Award,’ and we have given prize money to scholars with outstanding achievements in related fields every year to support their research activities. In addition, we are continuously providing support for the research efforts of the chemical engineering society and composite materials society.
  6. Sisterhood relationship
    Sisterhood relationship
    We align ourselves with the farming villages in the region where our sites are located, and directly purchase local agricultural products, or help them expand their sales channels, e.g. in-house sales. Also, we align and exchange with military bases to enhance employees’ awareness of national security and promote friendship with them.