Sustainability management
We aim to ensure harmony and cooperation,
and become a clean and trusted company.

Shared growth

We are taking the lead in fair trading and protection of
consumer rights and interests, and dreaming of a world
in which everyone grows and prospers together.

To protect consumer rights and interests and promote the balanced development of the overall Korean economy, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. will not engage in price-fixing and unfair transactions, and will pursue shared growth with partners. Also, to help partners grow, we have various support programs in technical and financial areas.

Shared growth activities

Shared growth activities

Organization in charge of shared growth

Organization in charge of shared growth

The Business Ethics Law Compliance Committee, chaired by the CEO, establishes systematic strategies for win-win cooperation with its partners.
To this end, it is closely collaborating with the related departments, e.g., business support, purchasing, HR, finance, production and legal affairs, and conducting improvement activities.

Shared Growth Agreement Presentation
Shared Growth Agreement Presentation
Toray Advanced Materials Korea communicates continuously for co-prosperity, e.g., giving shared growth agreement presentations to partners at a Gumi Plant.
Joint safety activities of partners
Joint safety activities of partners
Toray Advanced Materials Korea conducts joint safety inspections with its partners and provides safety experience equipment training.

All employees of Toray Advanced Materials Korea must comply with the code of ethics, and executives
and managers are responsible for ensuring that their employees will comply with them.

Toray Advanced Materials Korea code of ethics

Download Toray Advanced Materials Korea acts fairly with a high sense of ethics and strong responsibility and repay society's trust and expectations.

Partners' inquiries and requests

Send mail This mail service keeps the identity of the informant and the content of the mail confidential and ensures that the information does not suffer any disadvantage by following a code of ethics.

Public service advertising of the National Commission for Corporate Partnership

  1. Win-win
    There are so many things considered difficult to handle alone in the world. If there is someone else next to you, I imagine it will be easier.

    The same can be said about enterprises. Imagining the coexistence between large corporations and SMEs Adding 1 to this imagination

    Adding 1 to win-win.
  2. Pairing
    [Rubber shoes] of my grandmother who used to cook corn for me
    [Chopsticks] on the family dinner table
    The [two wheels] of the bicycle cutting through the wind
    A [violin] with a happy smile
    The more we are together, the happier the [pairs] are.
    [Pairs] promise happy [growth] when they are together.
  3. Cooperation
    Having better skills than others is critical.
    Brilliant creativity is also important.
    Competitiveness is also essential.
    What is more important is hard work.

    But cooperation is an absolute must.
    If we cooperate, we can surely grow bigger.