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High functional, advanced
products to lead the global
staple fiber market

Our high quality products made with the advanced technology are leading the global polyester staple fiber market, widely used for clothing, padding, home interior, sanitation, household, industrial and construction applications, and automotive parts. Over 40 0years of experience in the field of staple fiber and advanced technology for composite spinning, improvement of polymer properties, microfabrication and shaped fiber processing, we make high functional, highly sensitive fiber materials. Eco-friendly heat seal LM Fiber, composite fiber for sanitation application, reinforcing S/C fiber for industrial application and conjugate fiber having bulkiness have made international reputation for their high quality. Moreover we are making next-generation high quality products including highly elastic eco-friendly fiber for home interior and micro sound absorbing nonwoven fiber for automotive. We will continue to research and develop new outstanding products and thereby strengthen our global competitiveness.


  1. Form stability
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. Adhesive (bond) strength
  4. High bulky property
  1. Automotive

    Automotive interior parts including dash pad, wheel guard, carpet and hot wire seat

  2. Paper

    Wall paper, special synthetic paper, tea bag and filter (air and oil)

  3. Sanitation materials

    Diaper (for baby and adult), sanitary pad, food packaging and disposable towel

  4. Eco-friendly & functional

    Eco-friendly products including clothing nonwoven fabric

  5. Bedding

    Mattress, furniture, double fabrics, cushion, sofa, pillow and padding