We are looking forward to building
the future together with global talent

Nurturing Talent

HR Development
by Capability

Through systematic and continuous HR development, we are realizing the desirable ideal talent that the company aims for. It grows from Toray Advanced Materials Korea, a global expert who will move the world.

STEP1 Assess Capability
General, leadership,
and performance capabilities
STEP2 Establish Self-Development Plans
Set up yearly learning plans for each individual
STEP3 Start Learning
Start learning in line with the plans
STEP4 Certify Learning Results
Reflect results
STEP5 Manage Achievements
Manage achievements
and career development

We will passionately keep pushing our boundaries
to become the leader in the global market.

We will grow together with global talent capable of changing the world.

HR Development
by Position/Role

People in Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. Korea are provided with
educational programs needed for developing performance
capabilities and leadership by positions and roles.


New Employees fully understand corporate vision and value,
and unleash basic capabilities as a member of the company.

- Training newly hired and experienced employees
- Mentoring, S-OJT and follow-up training


Employees develop task performing capabilities.

- Promotional training


Unit Managers maximize the capabilities for the organization management and
production as a leader of plants.

- Senior leadership course


Assistant Managers fully understand basics of
making achievements as working experts, and maximize task performing capabilities.

- New assistant manager course
- Assistant manager leadership course


General Managers fully understand the roles of leaders and develop leadership chapabilities.

- New management course
- Manager leadership course


Team Managers clarify roles and responsibilities as leaders for changes and future.

- New team leader course
- Team leadership course


Executive Officers present future vision, and maximize synergy effect.

- New executive course
- Executive leadership course