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With compelling integrated
production system,
we lead the trend in the field
of super engineering plastic

With the world’s first integrated production system spanning raw materials, polymerization and compound, we make and supply super engineering plastic, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin and compound having exceptional thermal resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical strength, flame resistance and hot workability And for that, we have built plant covering about 215,000㎡ in Saemanguem Industrial Complex, Gunsan, Korea in 2015. We currently supply 8,600t of PPS resin and 3,300t of PPS compound enough to replace foreign imports and at the same time, drive the shared growth with related Korean industries through exports. Our plan is to build an another plant with the annual yield of 20,000t and turn it into the core of PPS supply.


  1. Electrical property
  2. Chemical resistance
  3. Thermal (heat) resistance
  4. Flame resistance
  1. Automotive

    Automotive parts, engine parts, machine parts and eco-friendly parts

  2. Electronic device

    Electric parts and electronic parts

  3. Industrial application

    ATM machine parts, industrial barrier parts, parts for chemical plant and semi conductor processing parts

  4. Water circulation system

    Pump parts, boiler, water heater parts and water dispenser parts