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Differentiated eco-friendly
high-quality fiber materials
driving the global filament market

Our filament business began in 1982, in Gumi Plant, Korea that’s now fully equipped with spinning facilities for making POY, DSD, NPY, microfiber and ITY and with experience built over decades and advanced technology, we make a wide range of polyester filaments. And through continued R&D, we have developed and supplied differentiated fiber materials having excellent functionality and beauty of their own, superior to the traditional natural fiber Our filament lineup offers differentiated eco-friendly products with about 70% of them creating higher value using composite spinning, improvement of polymer properties, microfabrication and shaped fiber processing. With our superior quality products - SPY with excellent stretch and elasticity, heat resisting ESFRON safe for human, EZBON for increasing adhesion between filaments and superlight, hollow AIR-M, we are leading the global market. We will continue our R&D to develop differentiated, highest quality products and thereby create the value that customers truly want.


  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Fabrics of natural look & feel
  3. Differentiation
  4. A wide range of products
  5. High functional
  1. For clothing

    Silk, linen and other fabrics that give a natural look

  2. High functional

    Fancy clothing including suit, trousers, skirt, dress, sweater and blouse

  3. Industrial application

    Interior, automotive interior and industrial materials

  4. Eco-friendly

    Recycled fabric