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Autonomous Compliance Management System

CEO message

Strategic material export management, leading safe trading, is the core management task of an enterprise. 

Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. was designated as the highest-level Compliance Program (AAA rating) in April 2014, and on the Trade & Security Day of 2014 the company received a citation from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, and its excellent Autonomous Compliance Management System was recognized. 

Strategic material export control is an international norm directly related to the sheer existence of enterprises. If the Autonomous Compliance Management System is not properly implemented and leads to violation of laws, the image of the company will be tarnished, and overall management activities may be limited. 

Accordingly, it is important to enhance the global competitiveness of products and technologies for stable and sustainable corporate growth, but it is also important to enhance the competitiveness of environment, safety, ethics and legal compliance, another axis of management. 

To enhance its creditworthiness and ensure stable and sustainable management, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. must thoroughly comply with laws related to foreign trade in the process of carrying out daily duties, and faithfully practice the ‘Autonomous Compliance Declaration,’ the promise of all employees.

CEO of Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. Jeon Hae-sang

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