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We create innovation and trends,
and make the most advanced
materials essential for
IT business

We, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. have greatly contributed to the advancement of the Korean IT industry through development and production of high functional materials essential for high-tech IT devices using chemical material and processing technology. Our differentiated products including release film, reflective film, circuit and semiconductor materials and high functional adhesive film are being supplied to Korean and global market leaders. We particularly focus on developing and producing competitive products through combination of our unique advanced film processing technology and high technology of Toray Japan. We will concentrate all of our research capability on R&D and continue to work with related industries and academic community as a global innovative leader in the material industry driving the future of the IT industry.


  1. Innovation
  2. Reliable quality
  3. High functional
  1. Display materials

    Release film, 2-layer FCCL(METALOYAL®), reflective film, reflective polarizing film, adhesive film, barrier film

  2. IT materials

    2-layer FCCL(METALOYAL®), White Coverlay, and release film

  3. Industrial application

    Release film