A partner in innovation realizing a new tomorrow using the very best materials, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc.

Management philosophy

The power that drives
Toray Advanced Materials Korea into the future

At Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc., our core values are established with the participation of all employees to set the mid-/long-term visions, achieve goals, and create a new corporate culture, which we will practice together for the company to fulfill VISION 2030 and sustainable growth.

  3. SMART


We aim for the growth of both employees and the company with integrity by taking the initiative based on passion and an active will.

• We take the lead in our actions with an enterprising spirit,
   ownership, and pride.
• We take the initiative and value our responsibilities
   for processes and results.
• We achieve our goals by complying with ethics and
   regulations and completing our duties.

A company where the customer is the vision

A company where the customer is the vision

We aim for the best with courage to improve business insights and face new challenges all with a strong executive ability in leading change.

• We precisely identify the essentials, predict changes,
   and seize new opportunities.
• We carefully review everything and take bold actions
   instead of being afraid of failure.
• We grow into experts and achieve good results
   by striving to be the best.

A company possessing core competitiveness


We aim for the future by responding to changes flexibly with co-creation based on individual creativity and interconnectivity.

• We come up with creative ideas and solutions based on
  different perspectives.
• We pursue higher growth with flexible work performance and
  quick response to change.
• We enhance corporate value by achieving innovation based on
  a strategic future-oriented approach.

A company in which everyone trusts and respects each other

A company in which everyone trusts and respects each other

We aim for contribution to the society and to build trust with stakeholders by respecting diversity and creating synergy based on communication and cooperation.

• We form a consensus and trust by believing in one another
   with open minds.
• We share and pursue a mutual goal and create synergy
   based on communication and cooperation.
• We contribute to the creation of social values by coexisting
   with internal and external stakeholders.