Sustainability management
We aim to ensure harmony and cooperation,
and become a clean and trusted company.

Safety and environment management

We conduct various eco-friendly activities
for green Earth that we will bequeath to
our future generations.

Toray Advanced Materials thinks first about the environment before all else. We are taking the lead in conserving resources and making efficient use of energy by reducing the use of fossil energy and increasing the use of environment-friendly energy. To actively prepare for future changes in the environment change, we will make eco-friendly worksites that will respond to climate change at home and abroad by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollutants and establishing and practicing systematic energy strategies.

Energy saving activities

We are establishing concrete reduction goals every year, and carrying out various programs to achieve them.  We implemented a full-time energy diagnosis system according to mid-to long-term plans, and  we are receiving advice from external energy experts and taking the lead in continuous energy saving activities.  These efforts of ours were recognized, and we were selected as ‘one of the top 100 companies in energy management’ by Korea Management Association Quality Assurance in 2018.

목표 재설정, 에너지전문가 활용, 시스템 개선, 실적효과 확인
Increasing the use of eco-friendly energy
In 2008, we introduced photovoltaic power generation facilities, and in 2013, we introduced eco plant facilities utilizing recycled solid fuel in a bid to expand the use of environment-friendly energy. Also, in 2018, we implemented the Energy Storage System (ESS), and we are endeavoring to substitute fossil energy with eco-friendly energy.
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
From 2008 till now, we have reduced as much as 100,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and we are making efforts to eliminate energy waste at worksites by using the Thermal Vapor Recompressor (TVR) to recycle waste heat. Also, in 2010, we introduced the Total Energy Management System (TEMS), and have since been maintaining the energy use of each site more systematically.
Minimizing and recycling pollutants
We are minimizing the generation of various pollutants, such as waste water, air pollutants and waste matter, by thoroughly managing all stages from manufacturing to the use and scrapping of products. We are aiming to protect the environment by recycling all matters discharged after manufacturing.