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1999 ~ Foundation



Preparing for a leap with choice and concentration

Cheil Synthetic Textiles sought to transform into a comprehensive chemical material maker by reviewing and promoting various material businesses such as PP · PET nonwoven, RO filter, and functional film. In particular, as Cheil Synthetic Textiles was separated from Samsung Group and incorporated into Saehan Group, it actively invested in expanding its appearance as the group's flagship company.

To overcome the rapidly changing business environment and fierce market competition, the film and spunbond nonwoven business promoted strategic cooperation with Toray. In 1999, the successful launch of Toray Saehan, a joint venture between Toray and Saehan, explored new growth opportunities. As a result, Toray Saehan and Saehan started anew, aiming to become top companies in their respective business areas.

Establishment of Toray Saehan
Launch of Reverse Osmosis Filter Business
Change Company Name to Saehan
Launch of Spunbond Nonwoven Business
Launch of Industrial Functional Film Business


Opening a New Chapter: the Development of Chemical Textile in Korea

In July 1972, Cheil Synthetic Textiles was established as a joint venture between Cheil Industries and Toray to cope with the rapidly growing chemical textile industry. In 1974, Cheil Synthetic Textiles started the polyester staple fiber business through technical cooperation with Toray, and installed a consistent production system from chemical fiber raw materials to fabric and dyeing processing. Cheil Synthetic Textiles became a representative company of Korea's chemical textile industry by leading the domestic market with excellent quality and expanding its overseas exports.

In 1985, Cheil Synthetic Textiles built the additional film plant to expand the business area by broadening its horizons beyond the existing textile industry. In particular, Cheil Synthetic opened a technology research institute from the beginning of the company's establishment and actively invested in research and development, laying the foundation for expanding into various materials businesses.

Launch of Polyester Base Film Business
Launch of Polyester Filament Business
Completion of Gumi Plant 1 and Launch of Polyester Staple Fiber Business
Establishment of Cheil Synthetic Textiles (Gyeongsan Plant)