Sustainability management
We aim to ensure harmony and cooperation,
and become a clean and trusted company.

Ethical management

We comply with business ethics and code of conduct
at a global ethical level.

To realize the basic notion of benefiting customers, employees, shareholders and society based on the corporate philosophy, values and management policy, Toray Advanced Materials established the 「business ethics and legal compliance code of conduct」. Accordingly, all employees are making ethical judgments, behaving properly, and performing their duties faithfully.

Business ethics / legal compliance

  1. For customers

    We are faithfully practicing the corporate philosophy of ‘contributing creative management to society’ by making best products and services, and thus endlessly providing new values for our customers.

  2. For employees

    To become a world-class chemical materials company of the 21st century, all employees of Toray Advanced Materials will establish proper values as employees of Toray Advanced Materials, perform duties based on principles and standards, and carry out their missions through endless self-development.

  3. For shareholders

    Toray Advanced Materials will protect the rights and interests of shareholders by realizing stable profits through sound management activities, and solidify a relationship of trust with shareholders by faithfully disclosing management data.

  4. For society

    Toray Advanced Materials will faithfully perform its roles and obligations required by society as a corporate citizen, and contribute to development of the local community and enrichment of life by fulfilling its responsibility and maintaining the relationship of coexistence and mutual prosperity as a member of society.

Mission BEAR

All employees of Toray Advanced Materials are conducting Mission Bear activities
to solidify their sense of ethics, and translate it into reality.

Toray Group regulation compliance slogan
「A strong mind doing the right things right」

Be fair, be honest
and have integrity
Encourage respect
and communication
Adopt a “genba” approach
look to the facts
Responsibility as a member
of our excellent company

As for "Mission BEAR" activities (BEAR is an acronym of the four compliance behavioral principles), we surveyed each company in Toray Group to investigate compliance and risks, and engage in PDCA activities, e.g. making and carrying out plans to respond to them.

For example, to reinforce compliance awareness, we adopted the Mission BEAR declaration reflecting the circumstances of each country and company, and distributed it to all employees. We are also providing employees with an opportunity to deeply consider and discuss what they should do as members of Toray Group. ​

Mission BEAR declaration of Toray Advanced Materials Korea

To understand the correct meaning of illegal act, and establish an organizational culture
to help each employee pledge not to allow any illegal act, no matter what may happen.
To promote two-way communication, communication based on empathetic listening
​and establish an organizational culture of mutual respect and trust.
To listen to the voice of those in field at all times, and establish an organizational culture
to share and jointly solve on-site problems.
To contribute to society by constantly providing values to customers with the sense of responsibility and pride
as a representative of the company.​

All employees of Toray Advanced Materials Korea must comply with the code of ethics, and executives
and managers are responsible for ensuring that their employees will comply with them.

Toray Advanced Materials Korea code of ethics

Download Toray Advanced Materials Korea acts fairly with a high sense of ethics and strong responsibility and repay society's trust and expectations.

Ethical management counseling/tip-offs

Toray Advanced Materials Korea Business Ethics and Legal Compliance Committee Secretariat
Phone : (Seoul) +82-2-3279-1130
e-mail : Green report